Destiny, Roses & Romance
Part II: Chapter 30

“I just thought we agreed to give them a day without interruption,” Livvie sighed into her cell phone. “They needed alone time. Remember when we decided that? They need alone time without the nosy best friend or cousin interrupting.”

“I know, I know, I know,” Lucy groaned. “But I’ve just got this really bad feeling.”

“So you send me to check up on them? Come on, Lucy, just admit that you want to know what is going on with those two behind closed doors. You want to see if our plan had worked yet. Although, I still say this part wasn’t much of a plan.”

“Livvie, no, really. I think something is wrong. I mean, I’m not going to deny wanting to know what’s happening between them right now, but I… I don’t know, something just doesn’t feel right.”

“So you think the universe is trying to tell you that they need to be fed?” she asked, not willing to bite on the other woman’s reasoning just yet. “Rafe wouldn’t let anything happen to Alison, you know,” she added absently, fighting off the growing ball of dread in the bottom of her stomach as she neared the door. “I know that, or I wouldn’t be pushing them together so much, you know?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I know. I know! I’m just saying that I feel like something is wrong. You know, maybe they just had a… a fight or something. Just… You know, drop off the food, do a quick survey, make sure neither of them are… I don’t know, bleeding from the head or something, then you can leave. You don’t even have to be there for five minutes before you can leave again. And, you know, knowing those two they may not even realize you were there at all!”

“Lucy,” Livvie groaned. “What if I… you know… interrupt them?”

“Well,” Lucy laughed. “Then you can call the mission a success and hightail it out of there. And we’ll know whether or not we even need to move on to phase two.”

“Believe me, Lucy, with these two, we’re probably going to need phase twenty-two.”

“As close as they are? You really think we’ll need that many phases?”

“They’re two very stubborn people.”

“Yeah? Well I’m more stubborn. Besides, they can’t keep their hands or their lips off of each other. They can’t stay away from each other. It’s like they need to… I don’t know… be together to breathe easy, sometimes.”

“Then how about I turn around and let them continue to… breathe?”

“Livvie,” Lucy said sternly. “Please, just go! There is something really, really wrong, and I don’t know what that is, you know, but I can feel it. I… I just feel like maybe something bad happened. So would you please go check on your best friend and my favorite cousin? Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please with a whole lot of sugar on the top?”

“Fine,” she sighed. “I’m here anyway.”

“Oh! Oh! Well… You know… You could just… See if you can hear anything maybe?”

Livvie pulled the phone away from her ear to stare at it in disbelief. “Excuse me,” she asked, returning it to her ear. “Did you just drop you’re ‘the universe is telling me something is wrong’ act to suggest that I eavesdrop on the two of them? Because, you know, I really don’t think I want to hear what’s going on in there.”

“Why not? You’re the one convinced it’ll take twenty-two phases.”

“Yeah? Will it will be thirty-two if we keep interrupting them, Lucy!”

“You’re the one convinced there won’t be anything to interrupt!”

“No… No, I didn’t say that. You saw them as well as I did last night. I just said it will probably take a lot more work to get them to admit that they are madly, head over heels in love with each other.”

“I don’t think Rafe would… sleep with her without her knowing full well how he feels about her, Livvie! And, you know, he’s pretty convinced she can never know.”

“I’m still not sure how it is that she doesn’t know!”

“Denial, Livvie. They’re both in denial. But… oh! You know what? I know what you are trying to do! And I am so not letting you change the subject! Just… put your ear to the door and see if you… you know, hear… anything.”

“I will not press my hear to the door, Lucy,” Livvie said, and even while she objected she was moving the pizza box to her other hand. “I don’t think I even want to hear what is going on inside there!”

“Oh, just get it over with, would you?”

Grumbling, she rolled her eyes and followed orders. “Um… Lucy? All I hear is music.”


“That’s what I said.”

“What kind of music?”

“What do you mean what kind of music? Music!”

Lucy rolled her eyes and sighed. “Romantic music? Christmas music? I-want-you-now music… What kind of music?”

“Oh…” She pressed her ear a little closer to the door. “Bluesy music.”

“Sexy bluesy?” she asked hopefully.

“Maybe? I don’t know, Lucy. It’s pretty much just depressing bluesy.”

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah. Uh oh…” Livvie sighed and took a step back. “I think you may have been right about something being wrong.”

“You think? You think?! Livvie! Would you please knock on the door and see if your best friend and my cousin are ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, ok… Just a second.” Holding the cell phone to her ear with her shoulder, Livvie knocked on the door.

“Rafe?” she heard Alison shout from inside. A moment later the door opened and her best friend’s smile crashed into a frown as an obvious wave of disappointment hit her. After a second she fixed her expression to something just short of polite. “Oh, hi, Livvie.”

“Hey,” she smiled brightly, hoping that her friend’s smile would reappear. “Lucy thought that you and Rafe might need to be fed… Something about you two not coming out of here for any reason… Especially food. It…” Livvie tilted the pizza box in her direction just a little bit when tears flooded her eyes. “Ally? It’s your favorite?”

“T-Thank you.” Shaking her head, Alison took a step back. “You… um… you can come on in. I… R… He’s not here, though. So… um… sorry. I think I ruined your plan.”

Livvie frowned as she watched Alison pick up a sponge to wipe off the counter. The smell of bleach was almost overwhelming as she shut the door and followed the other woman inside. “Why don’t you sit down and eat something, Ally?”

“I… I’ve eaten. Plenty.” Alison laughed, and then silently cursed when it was just a little too shaky.

Nodding, Livvie put her cell back to her ear. “Lucy? Rafe’s not here. And… you were definitely right. I’ll talk to you later.” She clicked off the phone without waiting for a reply and sat the pizza on the counter. “Alison… Did… Did Rafe get…um… taken back?”

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