Destiny, Roses & Romance
Part II: Chapter 38

She giggled as she pulled reluctantly from the embrace, her green eyes shining with laughter and happiness instead of the tears from only moments before. A smile played on her full lips, and she cocked her head to the side under his intense study of her. He knew that he should look away, or at least stop looking at her like he was only now realizing just how amazing she actually was, but he was stuck. Mesmerized by her sheer beauty and frozen with the desire to always be able to remember the way she looked right now, right in this moment, where it felt like nothing could touch them.

His left hand went back to her waist, his thumb stroking the soft, pink fabric of her sweater until he couldn’t resist the urge to touch her skin. With his eyes locked to hers, his hand slid down slightly, the denim of her jeans under his palm as his thumb slid beneath the sweater to find her warm, soft flesh. His other hand found hers, or maybe she found his… It didn’t matter. He once again brought her hand to his mouth, placing feather light kisses across her knuckles as he watched something in her eyes change.

“Rafe?” she whispered just a little breathlessly, drawing his name out longer than she knew she should. Biting down on her bottom lip to fight a proud grin when he shivered at the sound. Her smile faded for a moment when she felt the desire always floating in the air between them make itself even more known, but it was quickly back in place, even wider and brighter than before. “You know,” she murmured quietly to him as if sharing a secret. “It’s not polite to stare.”

When her smile grew into laughter, he couldn’t keep from grinning at her like an idiot at the site of the sound of her joy. Releasing her hand, he traced the curve of her jaw with the slightest whisper of a touch. “You’re beautiful, Alison,” he stated after a moment. Leaning forward slightly, his grin became a little sly. “And you most definitely deserve to be stared at. In fact, you happen to be much, much too beautiful to keep my eyes off of.”

Still giggling lightly, Alison bit down on her bottom lip and covered the hand he had resting on her waist with her own. “And you,” she muttered, a light blush forming on her cheeks, “Must of have gotten that line from Lucy.” Alison shifted and gave him a suspicious look. “How long did it take her to coach that line into you?”

“You doubt me?” he asked, his jaw dropping in mock hurt. “I assure you, everything I say, I mean, Alison. And no, that was not one of Lucy’s ideas.” Rafe shuddered playfully and took a tiny step closer to her. “Her ideas were… more complex.”

“Really?” Alison asked, fighting to keep the amusement out of her tone. “Tell me, Mr. Kovich, should I even ask? Do I even want to know what her ideas were?”

He paused for a moment as if considering, then shook his head. “No, I don’t think that you want to know at all. There are far more interesting things to talk about than her crazy plans anyway, Miss Barrington.”

“Oh?” Raising an eyebrow, Alison leaned forward just a little more. “And tell me, just what would those things be? Because, you know, I am kind of working here.”

“So I’ve noticed,” he sighed, unhappiness clearly laced into the statement. He gave the otherwise empty diner a quick glace before returning his eyes to her. “Busy night?”

“It’s been a really slow day all around.” Shifting to be closer to him still, she grinned again. “It’s just dragged by… or maybe it just seemed that way cause I missed you.”

Rafe grinned again, at her words. “I missed you too, Alison.” Chuckling lightly, he brushed a kiss onto her cheek, then her jaw, then another onto her chin. Then with his mouth only inches from hers, he sighed once more. “You know, we’re both just begging for trouble with this though, honey.”

She was far more concerned with the feel of his words on her lips than what he was actually saying, but when the gist of it finally registered, Alison frowned just a little. “So?” she asked. Before he could reply, she closed off the space between their lips, kissing him and suddenly not caring where they were. When she broke the kiss, she swept her tongue across her bottom lip, shivering with delight to taste him there. “So?” she repeated, dropping a kiss on his cheek.

Chuckling, he kissed her again quickly. “Loads of trouble,” he sighed with a smile after separating his lips from hers.

“Well… What’s a little trouble?” Alison shifted her weight and pulled him closer, somehow ending up hugging his hips with her knees. Her laughter joined his as she once again dropped a kiss onto his jaw. Curling her fingers into the pale green of his shirt, she grinned just a little wickedly and tugged him forward, though it wasn’t much of a fight. Her lips brushed his earlobe as she whispered, “Besides… I think you’re worth it.”

Pulling back slightly with a groan, he rolled his eyes at the all too innocent smile she was sporting. “What am I going to do with you?” he asked playfully.

“Well,” she drawled, tangling the fingers from her free hand into the back of his hair. “I’m sure that if Lucy didn’t give you enough suggestions last night, I could give you one or two… Or, if you really wanted to, you could start out by kissing me again.”

Bringing his mouth closer to hers, he smiled brighter and whispered, “If I really wanted to, then I could kiss you? Really, really wanted to?”

Alison pouted at him. “Well, you know, if you don’t…”

“Did I say that?” Rafe asked, cutting her off. “I don’t remember saying that. But you know, you do seem to make me do things I wouldn’t normally…”

“Oh? Oh, really?” Laughing, she pressed her lips to his. “I make you do things you normally wouldn’t do? You wanna give me a few examples here, Rafe?”

“Well,” her angel sighed. “I am in the middle of a restaurant where you work, when I should be working on my mission, trying my best to memorize the way your skin feels.” Rafe snaked his arm around her waist to hold her to him as he brought his mouth down closer to hers again. “And I’m getting ready to kiss you, because I really, really want to.”

“I think that,” Alison whispered against his lips nearly breathless yet again. “That is a very, very good idea.”


“Yeah. Cause I really, really want you to kiss me.”

Laughing lightly, he found her lips with his, giving up completely on the idea of just trying to be friends again once and for all. Her tongue darted across his bottom lip, and he held her tighter as he nearly whimpered and his tongue sought to connect with hers. He found himself getting lost in the way she tasted, and enjoying it far to much to try and even think of breaking away from her.

Alison tightened her grip on his hair, holding him close just in case he thought of trying to break the kiss yet, to pull away from her, to even leave again. Happiness bubbled up inside of her, finally being able to really kiss him again in what felt like years. Feeling the softness of his hair, the firmness of his lips, his arm wrapped tightly around her was almost enough to make her forget everything else. Like the fact that she had only a little more than eight full days with him.

With a groan, she uncurled her fingers from his shirt and slid her hand from his chest to around his neck. Tilting her head slightly, she deepened the kiss just a little more before becoming dimly aware of someone saying her name. Unfortunately, Rafe must have heard it as well, because he tore his lips, none too happily, from hers.

Loosening her grip only slightly, she let him move back just a little before turning to face her very amused friend. “Um… Hey, Livvie.”

“You guys do know that this is a public place, right?” Livvie asked, smiling at them brightly. “Maybe you should… I don’t know… get a room or something? You know what? I’d even cover for you here! But you probably wouldn’t have wanted anyone else walking in just now. Like Lucy, for instance?”

Groaning at the sound of his cousin’s name, Rafe took another step back, against Alison’s silent protest. “Good point. She’s still a little bit crazy about what happened yesterday.”

Releasing him unhappily, Alison shot Livvie a quick glare for interrupting. “What exactly did you tell her about what happened yesterday?” she asked after a moment, crossing her arms in front of her to keep from reaching for him again.

“Well, somehow I managed to escape without telling her… why I have to leave. But there wasn’t much else that she didn’t drag out of me.”

Livvie laughed quietly. “Well, I just got off the phone with her. She still hasn’t decided if she can ever forgive you for ruining her plan when it was going so well.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” she interrupted. “Is this something I’m never going to be able to live this down?” Alison asked quickly, the slight edges of panic seeping into her tone. “I mean, how many people, exactly know about… that whole proposal thing?”

Rafe cringed and moved his eyes to the doorway of The Recovery Room for a second before returning them to her. He opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted.

“Wow… You sure don’t waste any time do you, Rafe?”

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